The Mountain Trip

In this period, a trip on the snowy peaks of our beautiful mountains is an unmissable opportunity. The tough winter has started to turn into a mild spring and a sunny day makes the atmosphere pleasant and enjoyable even for those who do not devote themselves to skiing.

Which clothing is therefore recommended to feel elegant, comfortable and in harmony with the environment?

The question we must ask ourselves is always the same: which is the context around me?


A very refined and interesting combination is given by a dark green tweed jacket over a white or even cream-colored turtleneck.

The trousers might be mid blue denim or in rust coloured wide corduroy, while green wool soft socks recall the colour of the jacket.

The ideal shoe is undoubtedly the mountain boot for a comfortable and dry stay and of course for facing the cold snow. This shoe was born for those who live all day in contact with the snow.

For many years the mountain boot has become an object of worship for those who frequent the mountain and despite the strong and massive aesthetic characteristics, if well combined it can be a pleasant accessory and it denotes elegance and style.
The colour to be preferred is medium brown or dark brown, both for men and women with contrast laces (red are very cool) ​​or tone on tone for a more sober and guarding combination while the hooks can be in chromed or burnished metal.

This peculiar shoe insulates the foot and thanks to a generous tread, it allows the wearer to move easily on snowy or slippery ground

For evening events in which you spend most of the time indoors and in the warmth, you should prefer a dark brown suede lace-up shoe finished with brogue pattering and a wingtip toe combined with a comfortable rubber sole to be more sporty and informal.

Another option to dress-up for a special night in the mountains could be a brown tweed jacket with a shirt and a lace-up in velour.



The winter mountain unleashes the ancestral need to wear a soft and warm fur (the ecological ones have become fantastic today) or for those who do not feel this call, it is always up to date wearing a warm-toned parka. The ideal trousers, in both solutions, are a tight and enveloping prince of wales combined with a sweater in light smooth cashmere or embellished with a strong knitting pattern river braid depending on the personality of the wearer.

The perfect shoe is always the light brown or dark brown mountain boot with irreverent contrasting red laces.

The evening for dinner with friends and after-dinner fun, are a perfect time to show off your personality. An exuberant spotted pony boot will become the ideal accessory to be modern but always sober and elegant as long as it is combined with a total black look in which the skinny trousers or better a jersey suit, are embellished with a strictly black jacket.

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