Seboy’s and Officina Sartoriale Milano

Two highly specialized artisan companies, two similar entrepreneur way of thinking and one single aim, to satisfy customers with unique products that express in each detail the care and the passion which only anl Italian hand-made product could have.

The meeting of Seboy’s and Officina Sartoriale Milano was anything but casual.

Stefano Meriggi ( Officina Sartoriale Milano Founder ), Massimiliano Agostinacchio and Roberto Rustichelli ( Seboy’s Managing Directors ) had strongly desiderd to work together as the combination of the two brands represent a real style and dressing culture pole that very few can express at this high level, specially thanks to a very precise and aimed view.

Thus the first capsule collection “Seboy’s per Officina Sartoriale Milano “ has born, a collection of iconic men shoes.

Timeless classics have been carefully selected to offer a wide and complete range of products to all the gentleman who loves shoes and knows how to enhance any outfit with the right accessory.

For the most demanding and sophisticated customers, it has been thought to create custom made items by studing their foot shape and thus offering the most comfortable fit  together with a high value range of leather and materials to create a real taylor made shoe.


via Elba 14/2, Milano 20144  (Italy)



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