Summer outfit suggestions

Summer has finally exploded in all its happiness, with its colours and with the joy of living a full day of light until late afternoon.

However, the warm season is also a synonymous of very high temperature and therefore it is tough to find the most suitable outfit for a business or pleasure meeting. In this season it happens many times that if you do not find the right outfit you find yourself attending a meeting in conditions more similar to an athlete at the arrival of a marathon.

What outfit should you choose for avoiding this unpleasant issue? For women it is very simple because the summer dress code allows skirts and shorts, sandals and tank tops that in their lightness mitigate the heat but for men the issue becomes much more complicated.

The most suitable fabric at all is certainly linen.

A linen suit has a very light weight and allows the wearer to stay fresh and elegant without having to eliminate the jacket.

Our proposal is therefore an Irish linen suit with a destructured and unlined jacket with a deep powder-coloured inner lining.

Pants with double welt pockets strictly accompanied with 2 pence contained to embellish the trousers without contaminating the balanced volume of the leg; back pockets with flaps for a reminder of the tradition of the early 1900s and a necessarily white shirt.

The ideal shoe is a light loafer in very soft and thin brown suede that wraps the foot without forcing it and giving comfort and pleasantness at the same time. The sole is made of ultra-thin leather to further improve the general lightness of the shoe both aesthetically and practically.

Optionally, the upper can be embellished with tone-on-tone tassels or it can be completely free of superstructure to give it even more sophisticated simplicity and not invalidate the softness of the lines.

The combination of linen loafer and white shirt can also be perfect for an informal cocktail even without wearing a jacket that clearly gives you greater rigor and elegance.

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