On July 7, the Italian capital, during the event Altaroma, hosted and saw the birth of a day dedicated entirely to training, to emphasize the value of academies in the growth of future talents.

In particular, the prestigious Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome concluded the day by presenting the final works of students and emerging designers who participated in the academic year 2020/21.

For this occasion, Seboy’s , a brand from Marche that has more than a century of history and totally Made in Italy , supported the young and talented designer Marianna Achilli.

A student of the Academy of Costume and Fashion, Marianna presented her capsule collection called “Stanley”, inspired by the style of 1700 Rococo, and as the name suggests, the analysis of the film “Barry Lyndon”, directed by Stanley Kubrick, reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

Seboy’s played a fundamental role in the creation of the young girl’s capsule collection, supporting her in all the development processes.

The capsule does not turn its back on the brand’s original values, reflecting the craftsmanship and its concept of Made in Italy.

The collection with large volumes and dark colors that recall the atmospheres of Barry Lyndon, except for the orange that is present to brighten the tones, is the result of a perfect mix between a promising designer and a century of history of Seboy’s.