The Guidelines of Elegance

Whats is Elegance?

Today we are living in a strange historical and social period where the watchword seems to be “Extravagance” thus it may become increasingly difficult to define clearly and precisely the concept of Elegance.
Therefore, at Seboy’s we decided to offer our customers some suggestions regarding the right combinations, colours, and appropriate footwear to be combined  in order to express the concept of elegance at its best.

Elegance is appropriateness.


Elegance is not just a set of rules and dogmas; an elegant person is primarily endowed with poise, and clothing becomes the “conditio sine qua non” which frames and defines his/her personality.

We consider our guidelines not as impositions dictated by anachronistic old-fashioned rules, but as timeless style tips that will enable our readers to be always dressed in a proper manner for each of life’s occasions.
However, everyone knows that “Rules are made to be broken“, and therefore, we can express a personal view, according to taste, by deliberately violating these rules.

Of fundamental importance is context, and therefore one should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which event I will be part of and at what time?
  • In which season will it take place?
  • Where will this event take place?

The surrounding context  dictates the type of clothing we are going to wear for a perfect and always comfortable feeling.
Today we want to analyse clothes and combinations for a formal event such as a theatre night, an elegant dinner, a business cocktail or a wedding.
Once the formal context has been defined, let’s analyse the season:

  • Spring / Summer: lighter and brighter colour gradations with light fabrics (light wool and linen)
  • Autumn / Winter: darker colour gradations and heavier fabrics (wool)

We therefore define the time for the event:
From early morning up to 6 PM, the black suit is not recommended, while it becomes a “must have” for the evening. After 6 PM simpler fabrics and linear textures will be more appreciated.

Grey suit combined with black lace-up.

The Formal Look

  • SHOE black plain leather lace-up. Alternatively a black double buckle. The shoe must be polished but not shiny or enamelled. The shape of the shoe must also be balanced and harmonious, thus tapered or squared peaks are not recommended;
  • SUIT Dark (dark blue, anthracite grey) strictly monochrome. Pinstripes should be avoided on these occasions;
  • SHIRT light colour, better if it is white;
  • TIE neutral colour with light and simple texture. The bow tie is a complex choice: preferable for very formal invitation events that require Dinner Jacket or Tails;
  • SOCKS Scotland yarn tone-on-tone colour coordinated with the dress.


Dinner Jacket with black plain lace-up, the perfect look for a very formal event.

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